"Confessions of A Rock Star" wins "Best Bargain Show" in the Las Vegas Journal Review's 2012 "Best of Las Vegas"

March 25, 2012

Smithereens frontman offers a refreshingly honest one-man show for a full face value ticket of about $33.00 (including taxes). But it gets better. Because his knows his place in the rock-o-verse, DiNizio would not begrudge us Spinal Tap comparisons to a combo ticket that pairs his show with a buffet for $25.00 (before taxes and fees) "It was supposed to be DiNizio and puppet show..."

Pat DiNizio in-store appearance at ZIA Records, March 24

Celebrate the 2-disc expanded reissue of “This is Pat DiNizio” (March 20 release) at the Pat DiNizio live in-store performance at the legendary ZIA Records, Las Vegas, on Saturday March 24th at 3pm! “This is Pat DiNizio” reissue contains 18 previously unreleased songs, and extensive liner notes. ZIA Sahara, 4503 W. Sahara, Las Vegas 702-233-4942

Relive the History of The Smithereens’ Pat DiNizio in Las Vegas

by Michelle Snow, February 21, 2012

There is nothing new about musicians taking up residency at a Vegas hotel and performing a nightly show based on their career...But these shows are usually big huge productions with high ticket prices. For those who are looking for a quality alternative, check out Confessions of a Rock Star, now playing at The Riviera Hotel and Casino. The production is a hybrid of a one-man show, rock concert and multimedia event covering The Smithereens’ Pat DiNizio’s 32-year career in rock and roll.

Pat DiNizio’s Nostalgic Show - Show Review

by Sandy Zimmerman, Yahoo! Contributor Network, January 24, 2012

The title, "Confessions of a Rock Star", sounds risqué, but the show really is a great evening mixed with music and humorous personal stories by Pat DiNizio, the founder, lead singer and songwriter for the Smithereens. Those who enjoyed the Smithereens' music during the group's height of popularity in the 80's- 90's and even anyone seeing Pat DiNizio for the first time would all love "Confessions".

DiNizio's 'Confessions of a Rock Star' honest, original

By Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review-Journal, January 6, 2012

But it's DiNizio's sincerity that lights up the room. "Are we doing OK?" he asks, more than once, in genuine concern. Anyone who grew up on rock, and isn't ready to let it go, can answer back with a song title from another of DiNizio's idols: "The kids are alright."

A one-man rock concert, Pat DiNizio of Smithereens fame raises the bar at the Riviera's Crazy Girls Showroom

By Arthur J. Bloberger, LasVegazine, January 2, 2012

The most amazing thing about this show however is not how well DiNizio plays, or sings, or writes, or remembers, but how perfectly he hosts and narrates his own show. He is totally at ease sparring with a racous crowd and is as spontaneous on stage as any veteran Las Vegas performer has ever been. I believe he has found a niche at the Riviera that could propel him to "must-see" Las Vegas show status. Certainly if you are any kind of rock 'n roll fan. It's just a lot of fun. And the music is fantastic. I really enjoyed myself.

13 Questions with The Smithereens’ Pat DiNizio

By Michele Sieniarecki, Best of Las Vegas, December 20, 2011

Q: Why do you think “Confessions of a Rock Star” is a good fit for Las Vegas?
A: I think the show offers the audience something they can find nowhere else. It’s real rock and roll, not watered down by any stretch of the imagination, in addition to being the story of a guy who was a garbage man for his whole life and then woke up one morning and had a hit song on the radio.

The Smithereens' Pat DiNizio highlights rock history at Riv

by Jackie Green, Vegas Only Entertainment, December 19, 2011

It’s a very intimate casual setting with the likable DiNizio telling stories between songs. The show highlights hits that shaped DiNizio’s childhood, paying tribute to his musical heroes such as Buddy Holly and The Beatles, and chart-topping songs from The Smithereens.

Confessions of a Rockstar opens in Las Vegas

Gabe Ginsberg, Las Vegas Event Photography Examiner, December 16, 2011

“Pat DiNizio spins his life story, of how a 31-year-old garbage man wakes up one day as a Rockstar. The stories brought laughter from the audience. Pat DiNizio is so full of life as he relives those memories of days long ago. Pat uses his music, and the music that influenced him, as a time traveling machine into each story.”

Pat DiNizio: Confessions of a Rock Star at the Riviera

Unica World, December 16, 2011

The idea for Confessions of a Rock Star came from DiNizio’s Living Room Tour concept in which he played fans’ living rooms for hours. “I would arrive at their doorsteps and did shows in their homes. I did about 120 shows last year in people’s living rooms and I realized I had a captive audience who was willing to listen to the stories of my life. If you don’t roll the dice you will never find out. ”

The Genius of an Unlikely Residency

Jarret Keen, Vegas Sun, December 15th, 2011

The musician responsible for the old college-radio staple “Behind the Wall of Sleep” is now headlining a show, Confessions of a Rock Star, in Las Vegas? Pinch me, please; this has to be a dream.

The Smithereens' Pat DiNizio Brings Rock History to Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

December 6, 2011

"I have been a long-time fan of The Smithereens and having Pat DiNizio perform six nights a week at the Riviera is great for music lovers," said Andy Choy, president and CEO of Riviera Hotel & Casino. "Pat has a very interesting story to tell, from his humble beginnings to performing in Las Vegas."

New Riviera headliner Pat DiNizio's show has loud guitars and genuine emotion

E. C. Glastone, Las Vegas Weekly, November 16, 2001

He’s warm, he’s funny, he’s genuine, and his songs and voice are so appealing, only a curmudgeon could leave unentertained.

Smithereens singer mixes music, memories in 'Confessions of a Rock Star'

Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal, November 11, 2011

DiNizio hopes word will spread that this isn't all about a guy from a modestly successful rock band singing his own hits. "It's not just my history," he says. "There's a commonality to the stories and to the songs, and the imagery that you see (on the video screens), that everyone can relate to."

Smithereens frontman confessing in show at Riviera

Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal, October 27, 2011

DiNizio is adapting his one-man revue to perform it with a rock band in the Riviera residency...using his own life story to weave in the songs that inspired him from his earliest days.

Riviera Hotel & Casino Unveiling Confessions of a Rock Star Multimedia Experience with The Smithereens' Pat DiNizio

October 21, 2011

Pat DiNizio, who gained fame as lead singer of The Smithereens, announces the launch of his latest project, an in-depth look into his journey from garbage man to platinum selling artist, entitled Confessions of a Rock Star at Riviera Hotel & Casino. The production is a hybrid of a one-man show, rock concert and multimedia event which happens six times a week.

Smithereens' DiNizio's Las Vegas Show

Steve Smith, Press-Telegram, Long Beach CA, October 20, 2011

DiNizio says "Confessions" will feature films on three big screens that enhance the songs, as well as slide presentations that help tell the stories. "The show rocks!" he enthused. "I'm a perfectionist who's got to hit it out of the park every night with every song. Each song has got to be a home run."

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